Nexus Application Process

Download the NEXUS kit

NEXUS applicationNEXUS applications can be faxed to us at 416-962-2623, e-mailed to us at or hand delivered to our Toronto office. Our dedicated NEXUS border protection team checks each application to ensure that it is accurate and submitted correctly. Once a NEXUS application has been thoroughly reviewed by the Canadian and U.S. border authorities, the applicant, if eligible, is invited to attend an interview with officers representing both countries. Even child applicants must attend these interviews although families are interviewed together. NEXUS applicants are usually asked to explain their motives for joining the program and typical reasons for travelling, as well sharing details of their residential and employment history. Each applicant must also show original supporting documents like a Canada passport, PR card or Citizenship Card to prove their admissibility to the program. Each applicant is fingerprinted, photographed, and partakes in an iris scan (if the pass is to be used for air travel). NEXUS applicants are also informed of the procedures and rules of the NEXUS Program along with customs regulations.

Benefits of Applying for NEXUS Card

The following are a few benefits of applying for a NEXUS card:

  • NEXUS card can be used in place of your passport for all travel between the United States and Canada.
  • NEXUS cards mean faster transit times across the US Canada border.
  • NEXUS members experience no queues because they can use the dedicated NEXUS lanes and kiosks.
  • NEXUS is a harmonized program between Canada and the United States so applicants complete a single application and pay one fee.
  • NEXUS card holders experience a minimum of customs & immigration questioning.

Download the NEXUS kit