FAST Card for Truckers

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trucking across bordersThe FAST card enables truck drivers to quickly cross the US Canada border without using a passport or spending hours in immigration and customs queues. The FAST card (Free and Secure Trade card) is a must for every trucker who travels frequently between Canada and the United States. Rather than spend hours queueing to clear immigration, customs and border control, truckers with a FAST card can swiftly cross the border thus getting their goods to their destination in the quickest time. FAST card holders have already been pre-approved as suitable drivers, carriers and importers of qualified goods. The benefit to every FAST card trucker and employer of drivers with FAST card status means that shipments arrive quickly and at less expense because border wait times are significantly less thanks to the reduced volume of paperwork necessary for customs and border customs clearance. Indeed, importers do not have to transmit information for every transaction and drivers can use the expedited lanes for FAST card holders. Trade verification compliance can be secured away from the border and accounting and payment procedures can be streamlined for all commodities imported by approved importers in Canada.

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Truckers applying for a FAST card must be in possession of a valid commercial driver’s license with a clean driving record. You must also have a clean criminal record or a Canada pardon absolving you of previous crimes. Once you have submitted your documentation to us, the border authorities in Canada and the US will screen your application. Approval must be agreed on between both countries in order for drivers to be invited for an interview at one of the many FAST card enrolment centres to check their suitability for the program. Each country must endorse carriers and importers separately. It may be of interest to FAST card applicants that most employers in Canada demand that their truckers and commercial drivers obtain a FAST card.

Being a FAST card holder will increase your chances of employment.

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